Dave Hutchinson, CMA, CFP, B.Math

What Services Do I Provide?

As a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience, and a Certified Management Accountant with almost 30 years of experience, I can provide you with expertise and advice on:

  • tax return preparation Checklist [PDF 92.3Kb]
  • tax planning
  • investment planning
  • severance package/buyout advice
  • investment reviews
  • retirement planning
  • insurance

Who Are My Clients?

My 500+ clients include people from all walks of life and at all different life stages – from professionals, executives and business owners to young people just starting out on their careers.

What is My Philosophy?

Every planner has their own perspective – mine is essentially conservative in nature. My goal is to work within your comfort level to create an investment portfolio that will achieve long-term growth without undue risk, and one that will allow us both to sleep soundly at night.



  1.   My relationship with you will start with a discussion of your current financial situation and your immediate and long-term needs.  We will then move on to the preparation of a comprehensive financial plan to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.  This plan will cover the investment, tax, insurance, and estate planning aspects of your unique situation.
  2.   I will strive to serve as your chief financial advisor.  In this role, I will coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers.  If required, I will also tap into my own network of professional advisors.
  3.   My investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature.  Operating within your comfort level, an investment portfolio will be structured which will achieve long-term growth without undue risk.  As a result, both you and I will sleep soundly at night.
  4.   Tax planning and minimization will be a key component of your financial plan.  Strategies may include income splitting, prudent use of leverage, and proper structuring of investments to keep income taxes to a minimum.
  5.   Your account will be monitored on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances.  Also, your financial plan will be reviewed annually and appropriate adjustments made after discussing the options with you.
  6.   I will make myself available to you during normal business hours and also offer evening and weekend appointments when necessary.
  7.   I regularly participate in professional development activities and spend considerable time researching and staying abreast of recent developments in finances and taxes, in order to provide the best possible advice to you. 
  8.   I believe that my best client is one who is fully informed.  As a result, I have a strong commitment to client communication through regular newsletters and seminars.  I also take whatever time is necessary to ensure that you fully understand and agree with the strategies that we implement. 



David Hutchinson, B.Math,CMA, CFP